Design & 3D

Nell the Narcoleptic (indie 3D short film)

Our 3D short which has played at the NZ Film Festival, Short Sharp Digital (Australia), Kuandu Animation Festival (Taiwan), Golden Egg Festival (USA), Corona Fastnet Film Festival (Ireland).


Wahine Disaster Documentary

Highlights from the 25 CG Shots that were completed by Linden Chance, Belle Chance, Jason Bell and Sam Scott. The Wahine disaster is New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster to date.  The documentary was produced by Mr. Smith Television and aired on TVNZ.

The clips show with incredible realism the sea conditions faced by the Wahine as she entered the harbour. Painstaking measures were taken to emulate the effects of Hurricane Giselle which produced wind gusts reaching 276 kilometres an hour and massive sea swells.



Virtual Spectator Interactive Banner in Unity 3D

Virtual Spectator wanted to give users a taste of their offerings through a cutting edge banner on their homepage. We used Unity with C# to get interactive 3D content into the browser.



Myers Park Centennial 2015 Marketing Material
Client: Auckland Council

myers park pamphlet design

KFC Bucklet List FB Campaign

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Belle contracted here for design)

Additional credits: Terry Yee (Art Direction), Jamie Wright (retouching/print campaign layout for bucket spread)


Consumer Powerswitch Flash Banner

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Belle contracted here for design)